The Ultimate Open Source Framework for Effortless AI Agent Development.

Concentrate on enhancing your agent's capabilities, BafCode handles the rest.

  • Auto Project Setup.
  • Docker Support.
  • Plugin support (coming soon).
  • Custom Prompts
  • Automated Processes
$pip install bafcode$bafcode setup$bafcode start
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What's included

Simple Configuration.

LLMs,tools and prompts, in one simple CLI command setup.

Endpoint Exposure.

Integrate your agent seamlessly into your app, ensuring smooth AI capability deployment.

Diverse Agent Toolset.

Give your agent the power of tools that are integrated with outside world


Enjoy with structered directory, Automated file drafts and imports with BafCode CLI


Build any case, from basic AI tasks to enterprise-grade interactive agents.


Concentrate solely on the agent tools, setting aside the architecture concerns.